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Previous Years Spawnings


This is my first spawning in the new mudponds, decided to try my Showa set first, I put two males with the female, all three where bred in Japan.
Good news is they have started to hatch, trouble is they are a bit to small for a photo at the moment, will have to wait till they get a bit bigger.


Decided it was time to use the other mudpond, so I have spawned my Kohaku set, fingers crossed all goes well. Again I have used two males with the female, all three where bred in Japan.
Good News is they have started to hatch.

Just a quick update to say that the koi are growing very well, the Showa are coming on great and it is very interesting to watch them change, fingers crossed I should have some very nice Showa and Shiro Utsuri from this spawning as you can already see the difference between them.
The Kohaku are growing at a great rate and the beni seems to be allot better in a mudpond compared with tank rearing them, fingers crossed there should be some very nice koi from this spawning.


Well, after having an eventful week, with three spawnings in four days. I now have a load of fry. At least this time I had a heated pond for them to go into, so they only took a couple of days to hatch.


The fry are all growing well, they are now 7 weeks old and the largest are about 4-5cm long.


This one seems to be growing very well, already over 7.5cm at 9 weeks old.


The koi have now been moved to one of the grow on ponds. The Kuchibeni Kohaku in the middle of the photo, stood out from the rest at a very early age, as the beni is very strong and deep in colour.


This is one of the larger Chagoi in the pond, which is growing very well and is 12.5cm


Here are a few pictures of the 1st koi spawning, which was not a planned spawning, came as a bit of a surprise. The mother to the fry was a Japanese bred Kohaku, but the males where only English bred. So the fry turned out to be a real mixture.


To get the fry to this stage was a bit of a challenge as the water needed to be changed every day. Which meant I needed to design a way to exchange the water without sucking up the fry. This photo was taken on 23 August, they are about 2.5cm long and growing well.


The photo was taken on the 3rd of January, the largest of these are around 10cm. I found the spawning to be a very good learning experiance for future spawnings.